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Nathan Schucher

unecessary refresh


this is the inaugural post of the unnecessary refresh of a website that has no readership and no writership, either.

my last personal website was created after i attended Recurse in 2016 and was hunting for jobs, or something ai-related to work on.

i have since worked on many ai-adjacent or ai-actual projects, professionally and academically, and continue to, too.

i think it is likely that writing is good for you. writing as a practice, is good for you they say, sort of like meditating or having a good poo. it could turn out that you write something useful, if not to yourself, maybe others!

anyhow, i wrote a few paragraphs the other day while trying to decide what to work on next, and found it rewarding (for the first time ever, afaict).

maybe i'll write more, but in all likelihood, i won't.

def agi(x):
  return x + 1